Passports & Pizza

A Podcast About Everything by Two Carb-Loving, Carry-On Only Gals

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Passports & Pizza is a travel, food and lifestyle podcast from the minds and mouths of Sara Cornelius and Laura Jean. Inspired by their endless love and devotion for cooking and adventure (and just getting chit-chatty together), each week Sara and Laura sit down for a real, hilarious look at what made their lives salty and sweet, topics that make their hearts palpitate and so much more.

Fueled by carbs and coffee (jet lag is a real thing, friends!) - Sara and Laura also answer listener questions each episode, sharing their perspectives on anything and everything.

If food, travel and stumbling through adulthood is your thang - welcome to your people!


Meet Sara

Sara is an artist and food blogger who travels mainly for the food.

A graphic artist by day and a food blogger/podcaster by night, Sara is constantly trying to eat lots of vegetables when in her heart she'd rather be eating pizza and chocolate chip cookies. (Those make plenty of appearances too, so don't worry.) Her illustrated food blog, Cake Over Steak, features original recipes, travel recaps, themed dinner parties, pizza crawls and cookbook recommendations, plus her original illustrations.

When she's not exercising, reading a book or testing a cookie recipe, you can find her hanging out with her talented husband, Robert, and their socially awkward dog, Gilmour.

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Meet Laura

Laura is a traveler and writer with a serious appetite for adventure.

A teacher and editor of Dame Traveler, Laura is always on the hunt for the perfect journal and cheap round-trip tickets. Her blog Roam + Go Lightly is her happy place to share her thoughts on travel, favorite finds, and diary entries from around the world.

Besides wanderlust-ing like it’s her job (because it kind of is!), you can find her cozied up watching a true crime television show or unapologetically singing a healthy mix of musical theater and early 00’s pop punk songs.

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photos by Bill Ecklund