S1E10: Feast of St. Pizza OCNJ


It’s the last episode of season one! Can you believe? This one starts with a belated warning about the daiquiris from the New Orleans episode (they are STRONG) before going into salty/sweets. There’s a Lancaster focus because Sara just spent a lovely birthday weekend there (even though it was almost sabotaged by her period), and Laura is loving the Lancaster life but is in a dilemma about whether or not she will stay for the long haul. Laura also shares about an interesting dog character of Lancaster named Murphy.

From there it’s onto a full rundown of this year’s Feast of St. Pizza, which was held in Ocean City, New Jersey. With the help of some fun soundbites from the actual event, Sara and Laura break down each of the ten spots for you and go into what made this year interesting and special. To wrap it up there’s a voicemail from Sara’s mom, they give an overview of their summer plans before signing off until the fall, and give their recommendations.


Luca, Tellus 360 and Ma(i)son in Lancaster
Away suitcase with retractable charger


feast of st. pizza ocnj

other pizza stuff:

Mack & Manco controversy
The Press of Atlantic City: Friends binge, delight in Feast of St. Pizza in Ocean City
• Sara’s blog post (coming soon!)
#feastofstpizza on Instagram
Slugger’s Pizza in Lancaster
Dock Street Brewery in Philadelphia

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