S1E2: Feast of St. Pizza 101


It’s episode 2 and things are already going off the rails … Sara and Laura are both getting old, they can’t see at night, and Sara just had the worst hangover of her life. Thankfully Laura also experienced the many joys of a night all to herself and Sara is feeling fancy-fresh thanks to a gel manicure.

For the main topic of the day they dive into the event that helped their friendship to truly blossom: The Feast of St. Pizza! From how to plan to where to go and why the heck would you do it, they cover all the bases so you can be prepared for dreaming up your very own pizza crawl. Before finishing off with recommendations, Sara and Laura answer a very important question about sushirritos.


Warby Parker glasses
• Sara’s night-driving glasses
• Supergoop sunscreen
The Iron Room (cocktail bar where Sara drank too much)
training chopsticks
Jiro Dreams of Sushi Netflix show

The famous pizza from Pizzeria Beddia in Philly with swiss chard all over it

The famous pizza from Pizzeria Beddia in Philly with swiss chard all over it


Pizza Party podcast episode about the Feast of St. Pizza
• original Feast of St. Pizza website
• Sara’s blog posts: Lebanon, Philly, Lancaster, Old Forge
• Laura’s blog posts: Lebanon, Philly, Lancaster
• Roam + Golightly podcast episodes one and two
• Sara’s post about How to Plan Your Own Pizza Crawl
Luca Lancaster
DiCarlo’s Pizza (the Lancaster location has sadly been closed)
Pizzeria Beddia in Philly, named “Best Pizza in America” by Bon Appetit
Pizza Camp cookbook
Pizzapedia book
• Old Forge video feature
#feastofstpizza hashtag on Instagram


• Glossier Generation G lipstick (Sara loves it in Crush and Jam)
@carmenhuter on Instagram

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