S2E5: Halloween: We're Just Here for the Candy


Laura’s got an update on her teacher wardrobe, she’s been nesting and getting ready for “hibernation season,” and she’s dealing with sleep issues. Sara finally started the PWR at Home program but she ran out of episodes of Younger to watch. Then things turn to Halloween - we learn about Laura’s fear of clowns and the ladies throw major shade at candy corn. There’s a voicemail from listener Graylin (repeat caller!) and we’ve got recommendations. Happy Halloween!


The Curated Closet (and the By the Book episode about it)
Brass Clothing
• What’s the deal with ponte pants
• PWR at Home program with Kelsey Wells on the Sweat app
American Girls podcast
Molly’s Cookbook
• English Toad in the Hole vs. American Toad in a Hole

retro halloween pics




The Cut on Tuesdays podcast
Unbelievable on Netflix

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